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Vector Marketing- It’s been around a while but is it really an organization you can make any money with. It’s one of those Scam-Alertmarketing companies that seems to surface in Brownwood every few years and we’ve been hearing references to it for ages. There are a lot of people saying how good it is and a lot of people saying how bad it is. The one thing that stands true with any business is, you have to spend money to make money. This company doesn’t really advertise that they’re looking for people to start their own business, they lure you in to take an interview like you’re being hired. Naturally everybody’s “hired” and they set you up to receive your 3 days of training. Apparently near the end of the 3rd day, you’re told that you have to buy the marketing kit (reports range from $100 to $300) before you go out door to door and start selling their products.

On the other hand- a lot of people support what seems to be unethical practices of the Vector Marketing Company and claim to be making enormous sums of money by working for them. As with any job, I’m always pretty leery of any job that wants me to spend money to start working. It’s one thing to be required to own steel toed boots, or “reliable transportation” but investing in a unique “sample package” is just a HUGE red flag in my book. I find it pretty disheartening at the number of young people who get lured into this type of organization and soon figure out it’s just not their cup of tea. It’s really hard when after a while they realize that most of the people they’re trying to market to are the same people who made the same mistake years ago.

The one point to take away from this post- A marketing opportunity can be a blessing or it can be a rip-off.  Always investigate ANY offer for hire or to invest in a business model must be investigated with complete thoroughness . I’ve included a couple of videos below showing both sides of the argument.


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