HomeInternet DevelopmentUpdating and backing up are the 2 most important responsibilities of owning a website.

If you own a website today, Updating and backing up have never been more important. Recently some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world have had their websites compromised presumably by bad guys looking for personal gain although some were designed to take the site down entirely. See this diagram for a list of some of the major website you probably know that have been hacked. These break-ins are largely due to their web guy failing to keep their websites updated with the latest security releases.  Whatever platform you’re using releases (or should release) an update frequently. The updates in most cases contain updates to security vulnerabilities so it’s very important that you install them the moment they become available. For example WordPress, the most widely used website platform in the world, released a major update just a few days ago. The same day 2 of  the 3rd party integration services use by my clients released updates for their plugins. During the 3 days following a total of 14 updates were implemented for websites across the Image1Plus network. When you hire most website designers their standard procedure is to just design a website and turn it over to you with not more than a warning for you to update frequently. My clients in the Image1Plus network enjoy the peace of mind that their websites are being undated and backed up for them without ever having to think about it themselves.

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