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The machine kept protesting and shutting itself off and he just kept turning it back on. All this while wearing absolutely no safety protection. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere in a 5 block radius when he started this big thing spinning. I remember the anxiety of the day back in junior high woodshop when flipping the switch on that small wood lathe to start turning my little project bowl. Well actually it turned into more of a saucer but I was still pretty nervous digging my turning gouge into that spinning mass of glued together wood for the first time. If you had told me back then that using an axe as a tool on your wood-turning project I would not have believed you but that’s exactly what this guy did. The way he tears into this massive log is just wrong and dangerous on so many levels. No safety glasses, no gloves, no steel toed boots, and I’m sure another hundred or so other OSHA violations.

The video starts out with the steel bar he’s using to support his gouge being perfectly straight. Along about 1 minute into the video the steel bar appears with a big bend in it. It would have been extremely interesting to see what happened to create such a bend. 🙂 Watch and cringe along with me.

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