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Rank Higher On Google Search Starting Today! We can help!

If you own a small business in Brownwood Texas it’s not that hard to rank as high in Google search results as some of the “big box” companies.

Attracting local clients for a local product or service can achieve outstanding results if you know how to style your marketing efforts.

Have you ever wondered why some business show up on Google search and Google Maps while others don’t? Methods used to carry out organic ranking change sometimes from day-to-day and many times during the year.  While the Internet is actually still in its infancy due to Google and other search engines it has become an undeniable force to promote the success of your locally owned small business.

First, let me say- “If anyone tells you they can get you to the absolute top on search results it can mean only 3 things-

  1. They’re lying.
  2. You’re going to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  3. Both of the above.

At Image1Plus we don’t make promises we can’t keep but we do guarantee we can get your business found on Google near the top of search results. We do this with both on and off-page promotional techniques.

When we go to work our first step is to spend a little time getting all your on-page strategies in place.

NOTE: As it relates to Google, “on-page” is anything done directly on Googles properties, NOT your Website itself. When we talk about “off-page” work that is anything done on you website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other places that serves to promote your website and in turn get you ranked higher on Google.

When we start working on on-page optimization of your Google Business property, some of our strategies include:

  1. Make sure all you content is correct before moving any further.  Verify your business name, address and phone number and make sure everything is correct on Google maps.
  2. We spend a little time getting your business categorized correctly and that you’re taking advantage of the 10 category maximum that Google allows you. We strongly recommend using all 10 categories that you can while accurately describing your business.
  3. We also aid in writing a review that links to various parts of your main site which is at least 300 words in length.
  4. We will ask you for at least 10 images of your business or your products which we will post and geo-tag for you.

Once the above is complete we start working on your off-page strategies for higher ranking.  We also recommend establishing a few back-links at this stage of the process. There have been many opinions published about the importance and non-importance of back-links but Image1Plus feels they’re still very much a practical part of our promotional strategy. Google definitely doesn’t like “trash”, irrelevant, or purchased back-links but we keep you completely steered away from those.



As always- If you have any questions about your online presence just give me a call for a free consultation.

Larry Bartley • 325-647-6066

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