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I first met Chris Lema when he spoke at the Austin Wordcamp in 2014 and I have since come to respect him as the ultimate authority on many subjects of website development. I’ve been biting my chris-lema-wcsd-580x386tongue for several months to keep from publicly voicing my opinion on my previous web hosting provider but Chris’ post on EIG has prompted me to do so. A year or so back a large conglomerate, Endurance International Group (EIG), bought out hostgator.com where I had been leasing my web servers for several years. I had been completely happy with them up until that point when their level of customer support and service took a nose dive.

My problems with them started after they were bought out and support tickets started taking days to get answered rather than hours or minutes. Some support tickets just disappeared without ever getting answered at all. One of my client sites got hacked by someone in the Ukraine and the hacker started sending spam from his website. Hostgator’s policy is to just shut the offending site down with no advance warning. They gave no assistance in getting the malware removed so I was pretty much on my own to get the site back online and un-blacklisted. One client, a local non-profit, was continually getting their email addresses blacklisted with their clients and members because of the large number of spam being sent from other websites hosted in the same server farm as mine. It didn’t really matter that I had my websites under my own private IP number because all the blacklists knew that IP number was part of the range of IP numbers owned by Hostgator. I was frequently having to spend time getting my client email addresses and their domain names off of blacklists. All along I was getting automated notices from Hostgator on a regular basis that backups were being successfully created so I just assumed I was pretty well protected from any real disaster. The final blow that made me decide to move all my clients off of Hostgator servers was when one of my sites crashed and I desperately needed my server restored to get it back. They were very sorry but they just couldn’t find any copy of any backup ever made for my server.

Chris Lema, having his finger on the pulse of all things web hosting has been hearing multiple complaints from web guys with the same sort of issues with Hostgator and other companies owned by EIG. He has published a list of all known web hosts currently owned by Endurance International Group and suggests that moving from one of these to the other may not help you very much. I’ve copied his list below and If you’d like to read his complete article just scroll to the bottom of this post.

List of  web hosting companies owned by EIG

  • 2slick (2slick.com)
  • AccountSupport (accountsupport.com)
  • ApolloHosting.com (apollohosting.com)
  • AptHost (apthost.com)
  • A Small Orange (asmallorange.com)
  • Arvixe (arvixe.com)
  • Athenix Corporation, Athenix Inc. (athenixinc.com)
  • Berry Information Systems L.L.C. (berryinfosysllc.com)
  • BigRock (bigrock.com)
  • BizLand (bizland.com)
  • BlueDomino (bluedomino.com)
  • BlueFur (bluefur.com)
  • BlueHost (bluehost.com)
  • Cloud by IX (cloudbyix.com)
  • Directi Web Technologies (Directi, directi.com)
  • Dollar2Host (dollar2host.com)
  • Domain.com
  • DomainHost (domainhost.com)
  • Dotster (dotster.com)
  • Dot5Hosting.com (dot5hosting.com)
  • EasyCGI (easycgi.com)
  • Ehost (ehost.com)
  • EntryHost (entryhost.com)
  • Escalate Internet (escalateinternet.com)
  • FastDomain (fastdomain.com)
  • FatCow (fatcow.com, fatcowhosting.com)
  • FreeYellow (freeyellow.com)
  • Globat (Glob@t, globat.com)
  • Homestead Technologies, Inc. (homestead.com)
  • HostADay (hostaday.com)
  • HostCentric (hostcentric.com)
  • HostClear (hostclear.com)
  • Host Excellence (hostexcellence.com)
  • HostGator (hostgator.com)
  • HostNine (hostnine.com)
  • HostMonster (hostmonster.com)
  • HostYourSite.com (hostyoursite.com)
  • HyperMart (hypermart.com, hypermart.net)
  • IMOutdoorsHosting (imoutdoorshosting.com)
  • IdeaHost (ideahost.com)
  • Impress.ly (impress.ly)
  • Intuit Websites
  • iPage (ipage.com)
  • iPower (IpowerWeb, ipower.com)
  • IX Web Hosting (ixwebhosting.com)
  • JustCloud (justcloud.com)
  • JustHost (justhost.com)
  • LogicBoxes (logicboxes.com)
  • MyDomain (mydomain.com)
  • MyResellerHome (myresellerhome.com)
  • NamesDirect (namesdirect.com)
  • NameZero (namezero.com)
  • NetFirms (netfirms.com)
  • NetworksHosting (networkshosting.com)
  • Nexx (nexx.com)
  • PowWeb (powweb.com)
  • PureHost (purehost.com)
  • ReadyHosting (readyhosting.co.uk, readyhosting.com)
  • ResellerClub (resellerclub.com)
  • SEO Hosting (seohosting.com, seowebhosting.net)
  • Site5 (site5.com)
  • SiteBuilder (sitebuilder.com)
  • Sitelio (sitelio.com)
  • Sitey (sitey.com)
  • SouthEastWeb (southeastweb.com)
  • Spry (spry.com)
  • StartLogic (startlogic.com)
  • SuperGreen Hosting (SuperGreenHosting, supergreenhosting.com)
  • TightHost (tighthost.com)
  • TypePad (typepad.com)
  • UsaNetHosting (usanethosting.com)
  • Verio (verio.com)
  • Virtual Avenue (virtualave.net)
  • VPSlink (vpslink.com)
  • Web2010 (web2010.com)
  • WebDevHosting (webdevhosting.com)
  • WebHost4Life.com (webhost4life.com)
  • webhosting.info
  • WebSiteBuilder (websitebuilder.com)
  • WebstrikeSolutions (WebstrikeSolutions.com)
  • Webzai (webzai.com)
  • World Wide Web Hosting (wwwh.com)
  • Xeran (xeran.com)
  • YourWebHosting (yourwebhosting.com)

Should you change web hosts? Check this list.

Should you change web hosts? Let me try to make it easy. I’ll give you a list. I’ll be honest. I learned a long time ago that if you have nothing nice to say, you just shut up. And it’s a rule that I follow – most of the time.

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