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This article reminds me of the day I learned the truth about the Easter Bunny

just when we thought we knew everything we could possibly know about dinosaurs, it turns out all those Godzilla movies were pretty much all fiction. A team of scientists at the University Of Texas has determined that it was impossible for a dinosaur to roar. In fact if they made any audible sound at all it would have been more like a “cooing” sound, you know, like a dove or a pigeon. However- Even if that’s true, if I came upon a 60 foot tall dove making even a very soft cooing sound I would probably be making a fast disappearance in the opposite direction.

Dinosaurs More Likely Cooed Than Roared

Do you hear that sound? It’s 65 million years ago and there’s a dinosaur calling out through the wilds. But it’s not a roar. Instead new research says that sound would probably be better described as a “coo” or a “mumble.”

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