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Internet DesignI’ve been involved in printing, graphic arts and photography, based in Brownwood, Texas since 1959. Some of my more astute readers have already picked up on the fact that 1959 was about 30 years before “Al Gore invented the Internet”.  I’ve been a part of many promotional campaigns through the years, some more memorable that others. The first one I can really remember being involved in was designing and printing campaign material for Ben Barnes in 1964-1965 when he was running for Texas State Representative. (Not to brag but he did win) I’ve served and collaborated with clients on a local, national, and international level and during my career in graphic arts I picked up a wealth of knowledge that provided a smooth transition into the world of digital media. When we first started hearing about this “new thing” called the internet, diving head first into building websites just felt natural to me. Clients using my services experience an added level of satisfaction knowing that my designs can be used for any medium from business cards, t-shirts, and billboards to any digital media such as websites. Regardless of the final output, the colors match, they size correctly, and they remain sharp at any size.

For more information on optimizing your website give me a call at 325-647-6066.

About Larry Bartley

I live in the northern most region of the Texas Hill Country. I spend a lot of time building websites and blogging about the favorite things in my life. These include but are not limited to- food, wine, travel, lodging, real estate, entertainment, and events in the Texas Hill country.

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