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Internet DesignThrough the years I been involved with a number of procurement and fulfillment projects with various organizations. I’ve developed a pretty good knowledge of where to find almost anything my client might need from how to get a book printed to where to find a radiator cap for a 1942 Packard convertible. Thank you David Hetzel (RIP) of Coralles NM for the tip on the radiator cap. I’ve guided clients through various projects of company identity enhancements and I’m knowledgeable in preparing your company design or logo to be used on a website, printed on a business card, t-shirt, billboard, or the side of your delivery van without being sent back for alterations. If you need your logo imprinted on a boatload of ping pong balls from Taiwan or your message printed on 1 brick for that “one of a kind” special gift I can help you with that too. Need to set up a system of creating accurate UPC codes so your product won’t be rejected by Walmart when you finally get in to make your pitch to them and it won’t scan? Piece of cake.  Hiring me to design your website assures my vast knowledge of printing and graphic design comes in the deal at no extra charge.

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About Larry Bartley

I live in the northern most region of the Texas Hill Country. I spend a lot of time building websites and blogging about the favorite things in my life. These include but are not limited to- food, wine, travel, lodging, real estate, entertainment, and events in the Texas Hill country.

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