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i1p-responsiveSome of you may have used mobile websites that I built over 10 years ago but the process used back then required I build 2 separate websites. One would be optimized for laptops and desktop devices while the other would be optimized for tablets, iPhones, and Android devices. Nowadays Google and the other search engines frown on the practice of having 2 separate websites with the same content and encourage the use of responsive sites. I’m happy to say I was a little ahead of the curve on this one and every website I’ve designed during the last 4 years has been created as a responsive or “device agnostic” website. That means when you visit one of my websites, built-in technology recognizes the screen resolution of the device your using and delivers content that fits appropriately. If you’re using a mobile device you don’t have to zoom in or out and scroll all around to read my client’s content. Patrick Romano uses this video to explain the difference between “mobile” and “responsive” design and outlines why you’re losing valuable traffic if your website isn’t responsive. For more information on optimizing your website for device agnostic traffic give me a call at 325-647-6066.

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