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I-never-charge-for-what-I-doDear Client-

In regards to your question about my charge for services rendered to you. I never charge anybody for what I do. The charge is for your company receiving the benefits of what I did for years to come. Please see below for an itemized list of undisclosed charges in the last invoice I sent you.

  • Your use of the knowledge I’ve gained by doing what I do for over 50 years.
  • The peace of mind you have knowing I stand 100% behind every website, every logo and every piece of printed media I delivered to you.
  • The security of knowing your website is protected from online hackers and thieves.
  • Knowing your website will always have the latest technology updates.
  • Knowing the printed products I deliver are always of the highest quality, produced on the most advanced presses using the latest technologies.
  • Being on call 24/7 should something break or any emergencies occur on your website.
  • The forever use of the “spiffy” logo I designed for you.
  • The forever use of the professional product and facility photography I provided for you.
  • The forever ownership of everything I ever did for you.
  • Being available to assist with minor updates to your website at any time for no additional fees.
  • Being available for consultations on any type of company image enhancement.
  • Saving you from creating amateurish or unprofessional presentations to be seen by your customers.
  • Not having to hire an extra person to maintain your online presence.
  • Not having to stay up with the latest SEO techniques to keep yourself found on Google.
  • Not having to spend weeks figuring out how to set up that online shopping cart for your variable data embroidered products.
  • Not having to spend weeks figuring out how to integrate that IDX real estate solution to your website.
  • Not having to spend weeks figuring out how to implement an online reservation system for your B&B.
  • Not having to spend weeks figuring out how to set up a membership site and recurring online billing for your members.
  • Saving hours of labor by using my online billing system to automatically send invoices to your clients.
  • Saving hours of time spent updating all your social media platforms because now it just happens automatically every time you create a post on your website.
  • Knowing your website is running on the same technology used by 26% of the top 100,000 websites in the world.
  • Knowing your website is supported by the largest group of independent web developers in the world should you ever decide you don’t need me.
  • Being your “go to” guy for just about anything you might need for your company.

As always, if you have any other questions or concerns please give me a call to discuss.

Larry Bartley • 325-647-6066

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