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Unless you know what not to do with Facebook Marketing

I get stuff in my email every day about Facebook Marketing with tons of information about how to do it. I never see anything about how NOT to use Facebook. I’m going to talk about a couple of things I’ve discovered over the years that will keep you from getting blackballed on the platform.

First and foremost- Never use your personal Facebook page for direct marketing.

Notice I said “direct” marketing. The most overlooked “No No” is to start out writing posts on your personal page which try to market what you’re selling. This is a practice that will get you temporarily banned from posting and a second violation can get you banned permanently. Writing a marketing post on your business page then “sharing” that to your personal page is quite acceptable. I know- That seems a little picky, but that’s the rules.

Facebook Marketing-Mistakes-1

How to avoid making mistakes with Facebook Marketing.

Adding Friends to your Facebook Marketing page too quick will get you flagged.

As far as inviting your Facebook friends to like your business page- It’s perfectly acceptable to invite all your friends to like it. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask all your friends to invite all their friends to like your business page. It’s not acceptable to invite too many friends too quick. If you start trying to add all your friends at one time, somewhere at just over 100 you’ll start to see a little pop-up asking you to enter a captcha code. When you see this STOP. Don’t even enter the captcha for the first one. Continuing to request likes and entering captchas will get you temporarily banned.

Using Messenger too often for Facebook Marketing.

If you want to send a few friends a personal message occasionally it’s perfectly acceptable. After all, that’s what Facebook Messenger is all about. Using Messenger too often and sending the same message to everyone will soon get you flagged. When using Messenger you should always make your message unique to each friend. In other words, vary the text of the message from one friend to the next. If you send to manny messages, say more than 50-60 times a day, Facebook will send a little message back to you saying something like “you appear to be using messenger in a manner for which it is not intended. To keep from getting temporarily or even permanently banned from using Facebook, limit your messages to more than 20 or 30 a day.

Hopefully, the suggestions above will save someone from making the same mistakes I made when starting out using Facebook Marketing. As always, never hesitate to give me a call if you need help with your online marketing.

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