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India-phone-linesIf you live in or near Brownwood, Texas and use one of those free or really cheap web website hosting or internet design companies, your phone call for support is likely routed through these lines. This was photographed outside the offices of “Infosys Communications” the largest supplier of tech support services in the world. They’re located not far from the city center of Bangalor, the “Silicone Valley” of India. If you live in Central Texas and call Larry Bartley at Image1Plus internet consulting (325-647-6066) your call just goes a few blocks down the street through a direct line to my cellphone in Brownwood Texas. I’ve lived in Brownwood all my life and started making my progression into digital creativity in the early 90’s. I speak your language and I use y’all, howdy, and thank you ma’am/sir a lot when I’m doing business with you. If you’re one of my website clients near Brownwood and need 1 on 1 consulting or support at your location I can usually be in your office within the hour.

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