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In the 50 years or so that I started working with logos I became+JEWS fascinated with the possibilities of them containing 2 or more different meanings. Such as the unfortunate case of the Ismart logo design. If you happen to plug the device into the wall upside down their logo reads “+JEWS!”.  When I work with designing a logo today I always spend a little time looking at it upside down and sideways to avoid delivering it with an accidental hidden meaning. My first recollection of the oddity was way back in my younger days when a gentleman handed me a business card with three lines of type on it. His name in very bold type as the middle line and his phone number and address below it and above his name was another line of type only upside down. When I turned it upside down to read it the card (including the spelling of his name) looked exactly the same upside down. Sorry- I just can’t remember what his name was but I’ve always remembered the principle. There are a number of words to describe the alphabetical oddities of words and phrases and the word for the above described scenario is an Ambigram aka: invertogram. If a number had the same properties it would be called a strobogrammatic. You can read a more lengthy explanation of word and number plays by clicking on the article below.


Palindromes, anagrams, and 9 other names for alphabetical antics

If you love word play, you probably know that a word – or longer piece of writing – that reads the same forward and backward is called a palindrome. But what do you call a word that spells another word backwards, or a word that looks the same upside down?

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