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  • My experience and creativity. I’ve been involved in printing, graphic arts and photography, based in Brownwood, Texas since 1959. The first job I had in the business was designing and printing campaign material for Ben Barnes when he was running for State Representative. (Not to brag but he did win) I’ve served customers both on a local and national level. During my career in the photography business I’ve learned to capture the moment when personality and beautiful imagery come together. I accomplish this by using natural light as often as possible and by involving myself for the moment in my client’s environment.              

  • A relaxed session. There’s no rush in my sessions and I take the time to make sure you’re comfortable. My portrait sessions usually last one to two hours, longer if needed. Feel free to bring your pets, your child’s toys, items relating to hobbies or pastimes, or extra changes of clothes.               

  • Un-limited photographs. I never skimp when it comes to the number of shots made during a session. I don’t view what I do as “taking pictures” but creating frozen moments in time that can never be re-produced exactly the same way again. I’ve learned that subtle differences in light quality and facial expressions from one moment to the next will often make the difference between a good photograph and an extraordinary one. For a typical senior portrait or individual portrait session I’ll usually freeze between 75 and 200 moments in time.              

  • Creativity makes the difference. Recent developments in technology and software have allowed me to reach new levels of creativity in composing and editing photographs.  Facial features can be lightly or drastically altered for complimenting effects. Glare from glasses can be removed as well as moles, scars and freckles. Teeth can be whitened, wrinkles can be smoothed over, closed eyes can be opened and stray hair can be put in place. Major body features can be enhanced such as altering curve lines, and sometimes even removing or adding weight.  The same photograph can be delivered in Color, Black & White, or Sepia Tone. Because creativity is my main goal during your session, rest assured you will have photographs that will be cherished and be the focal point of conversations for generations to come.              

  • Travel to any location -  There’s no extra charge for travel within 40 miles of Brownwood, Texas. (measured from the Brownwood Traffic “T”) A fee of .35 per mile will be charged for distances over this. Travel to extended distances are priced on request.  I’m happy to make photographs at your home, your business, the park, the lake or any other location in America. My creativity knows no bounds.              

  • Printing and Graphic Design.  My vast knowledge of the field of printing, a long association with some of the leading print providers, and a low operating cost gives me a big advantage in providing you with whatever promotional piece you need.  From a simple business card to a complicated full color brochure or complete website design and promotion I can serve any need you might have.